The newest marketing strategy involves customers playing game which promote and brand’s latest flavor(s) of Taokaenoi through an in-game rewards system. The game will incorporate Augmented Reality to give customers new and enjoyable experiences. Player must collect vegetables to obtain high scores, which will lead to rewards, including getting one’s picture taken with a Korean pop singer and awarding the latest flavor of Taokaenoi.


This application software was setup to be used at the 2nd Asia Pacific Water Summit at the Chiang Mai International Convention and Exhibition Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand from the 14th to the 20th of May, 2013. The purpose of this program is for K-Water Company to promote public understanding of water management. The program use 3-D pictures to demonstrate the various systems, such as dam engineering, the detention area project (Gam Ling), etc.

Zoo Aquarium

The zoo aquarium held a special activity on Children’s Day to spread the joy to families. Parents and their children had fun getting their picture taken with a virtual shark and a giant squid in front of a deep-sea background. The event helped promote a warm, family atmosphere. Parents and their children had fun choosing the picture frame, which mascot they want in the picture, and how they should pose. The activity was a happy memory for the family to cherish together forever.


a strategy used to draw the attention from people within a crowded area in order to showcase products. We began with the question, “How can we draw the attention of mothers who are interested in sewing, yet must also take care of their children in a crowded area?” PINN Shop has chosen to use Augmented Reality to create digital pets, such as dogs and rabbits, which will walk around the area and simulate play with the kids. The children can, virtually, pet the animals and even give them commands to follow. In this way, the children will be entertained while the mother is shopping at PINN.

Tik Shiro

What would happen if you suddenly became Tik Shiro, the famous Thai artist? How cool it would be to become your favorite superstar in a picture! This can be done by changing out your head for theirs through the use of Augmented Reality. Imagine being Tik Shiro or Karo or White Tiger! This program is made available at selected fairs and special events and draws huge crowds of curious onlookers.


Breaking from the old style of trying on wedding dresses, the brides of the future can now try on virtual dresses. WE Wedding Magazine has setup a wedding fair “We Are In Love” at the Siam Paragon Mall in Bangkok. This fair includes tailor shops, photography studios, jewelry shops, and for the first time in Thailand, the Interactive Virtual Fitting Room. WE uses Augmented Reality to give the bride total freedom to try on, virtual, dress of her dreams with infinite customization options, styles, and fitting measurements. Program automatically adjusts the dress to fit the body of the bride as well as offer a 360-degree perspective of how she looks in it.


A new experience is available to promote imagination, learning, and fun all at the same time. Children can become robots who fight germs. BNH has been a leader of the medical field and a trusted hospital for more than 115 years. Now Augmented Reality helps them to promote and educate about health services, such as the Vaccine Room, where children can become robots through the incredible technology of Kinect, which captures the child’s movements and converts that into the movements of a robot in 3D. Through children’s battle against germs using this program, they will learn about good health.

Dragon Trainer

The perfect strategy to draw a crowd’s attention: training a stubborn dragon to follow your commands. This new way for people to have fun is beyond perfect graphics and Realtime interaction. Through the use of actions, they can command their dragons to sit, growl, and breathe fire.